Wisdom of the Ancients is
one of the most respected niche tea lines
in the natural industry.

A tea line dedicated to healthy options,
Wisdom of the Ancients offers teas and more from around the globe,
including Yerba Maté Royale from Paraguay.

Wisdom of the Ancients was the original Wisdom brand
started over 20 years ago
when Founder and CEO Jim May sold teas from the trunk of his car.

Quite an amazing amount of growth for one brand dedicated to healthy natural options.

Wisdom of the Ancients products include:

· Yerba Maté Royale Teas
· Yerba Maté Plain Teas
· Instant Teas
· Healing Teas from South America
· Rooibos Tea
· Honeybush Tea
· Herbal Capsules
· Cream of Coco Hair & Body Soap
· Tea Accessories

To buy Wisdom of the Ancients products,
please visit

And be on the lookout for the Wisdom of the Ancients website, coming soon!

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