Chocolate Raspberry Bliss

Chocolate Raspberry Bliss

1 Drink-Desert (1 Serving)

Recipes courtesy of Yvan Lemoine, Celebrity Chef, who’s well known for his creative pastries, delicious deserts, and healthy cocktail/mocktails.
This recipe is part cocktail, part dessert in one martini glass!

First prepare a light yet luscious chocolate mousse.
Refrigerate until semi-solid and top with a delectable "chocolate cosmo" mixture!

Makes three servings.


For chocolate mousse:

- 3 oz melted chocolate

- 1 oz heavy cream

- 1/2 pint whipped cream

- 1 dropper full of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Chocolate Raspberry Flavor

- Whole raspberries

Warm the cream and add the SweetLeaf Chocolate Raspberry Liquid Stevia drops , then add it to the melted chocolate, whisk together and let it cool to room temp.

Slowly add the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture while stirring slowly until it becomes even.

Pour the mixture into martini glasses that have a raspberry at the bottom and refrigerate.

(Cutting Edge Recipes from Master Mixologist/Pastry Chef Yvan Lemoine)

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