Wisdom Natural Brands is the parent company of 3 highly respected consumer brands:

SweetLeaf Stevia,
Wisdom of the Ancients yerba maté,
and Sweet & Slender Natural Sweetener.

Of these successful, health-promoting brands, SweetLeaf Stevia caps the great success story of the father and son team of James and Steve May.

James May, the founder of Wisdom Natural Brands, was involved in bringing Stevia to the United States over twenty years ago.

Wisdom Natural Brands is now the leading US manufacturer of Stevia and offers a full line of SweetLeaf Stevia products available in convenient single serving packets, liquid, powder, tabs and concentrate, including their best selling products SweetLeaf SteviaPlus and Flavored Liquid Stevia, which were developed by Steve May.

Together, they have introduced millions of people in North America to Stevia. We are living in a time when producers and consumers are increasingly drawn to products that claim to be “all-natural,” “low calorie” and “low in carbs.”

Any product or ingredient that can truly substantiate these claims is sure to attract the attention of a health conscious audience.Stevia is all that and more.

It has been around for centuries and is just now becoming the rage with the sugar-shunning crowd in part because of the popularity of low carbohydrate, high protein diets that discourage sweets.

Stevia is a nutritional supplement that adds a naturally sweet taste to your current diet. Made from an intensely sweet extract of natural Stevia leaves, it has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index.

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